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The Seeds of War & World Conquest

No description

Betsy Grubbs

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Seeds of War & World Conquest

The Seeds of War & World Conquest
The Rhineland in 1936
Austria on March 13, 1938

The Sudetenland on September 29, 1938
Prague in Bohemia on March 15, 1939
Poland on October 12, 1939

The Treaty of Versailles
Aryanization via Euthanasia
Ended WWI
Demilitarized the Rhineland Province of Germany
Humiliated Germany

Deportation of Jews
Expulsion of Jewish Children from German schools
Cerfew Restrictions
The Star of David
Euthanasia Anti-Semitism The prejeduce or descrimination of Jewish people Origins of Conflict The Treaty of Versailles Conquests & Invasions Aryanization Kristallnacht November 9, 1938
"The Night of Broken Glass"
German Propaganda Minister Goebbels promoted Anti-semetic riots throughout Germany and Austria. Kristallnacht resulted in the burning of over 191 synagouges, and 76 of those were destroyed. Almost 100 Jews were mudered by Natzi forces and another 30,000 were sent to concentration camps. Over 800 Jewish buisnesses were destroyed and over 7,500 were looted. Jewish communities in Germany were fined one billion marks to pay for the non-Jewish damage claims. June 28, 1919 Aliances The Rome-Berlin Axis was formed on October 25, 1936 between Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.
One month later a similar pact was formed between Japan and Germany. The hall of mirrors The removal of Jewish participation in the German economy. By 1938, thousands of Jewish people had been forcibly removed from their jobs or fired. January 5, 1938: The "Law Regarding Changes of Family Names and Given Names" was established. This made it more difficult for Jews to avoid persecution by changing their names.
April 22, 1938: It became illegal for a German to hide the fact that a business was owned by a Jew.
June 23 1938: Jews needed to carry proof of identity
July 25, 1938: Jewish doctors had until September 30th to stop practicing. On September 27, 1938, this law included Jewish lawyers. The means to assure the purification the German "master race" "Undesirables" were those the Germans wished to deny the ability to reproduce. Undesirables were criminals, physically or mentally handicapped people, Jews, homosexuals, and Gypsies Natzis described undesirables as "Life unworthy of life" July 14, 1933: Sterilization became legal, and euthanasia quickly followed. At first, euthanasia was via lethal injection; however, gas chambers became a popular method. The doctors that were involved in the sterilization and euthanasia programs knowingly violated their Hippocratic Oaths and even performed human experiments.
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