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How to make cereal

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to make cereal

Thank You!
When you go to eat cereal you must get out all the ingredients. The first ingredient you’ll need is milk. If you don’t have milk, your cereal will be dry and crunchy.

The second ingredient you will need is your cereal. You might want cereal that you like, so that you will actually eat it. If you don’t have cereal you will just have milk in a bowl.

After you get your cereal and milk out, you will want to get a bowl and a spoon out. The bowl is for putting the stuff in and the spoon is for eating the cereal with.

Next you take your cereal and milk and pour them on a bowl. You might want to put the cereal in first so the milk isn’t going all over the place.
Mattieux Tremblay How to put cereal in a bowl
After you get your milk, cereal, and spoon in you bowl you can scoop up some cereal with you spoon, and eat it.

After you pour in your cereal and milk in the bowl you get your spoon. If you want you could move the cereal around in the bowl so some of it isn’t crunchy and some of it isn’t soft.
When you are done eating your cereal put the empty bowl in the sink or dishwasher.
Any questions??
Call me at (508) 159-2134
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