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What Created Us, Humans?

No description

Stanley Cup

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of What Created Us, Humans?

What Created Us, Humans?
By: The One and Only
Stanley Chen

Today we will be discussing...

So What is the Moral of the Story?
Live in the Present
I Was Browsing the Internet...
What If...
What? Are you crazy Stanley?
I didn't write the article...
What about
It's Possible
We learned about DNA with chromosomes...... But we have a lot of Junk DNA.
This isn't Scientology
Some Questions are better left Unanswered
Think About it This Way
DNA contain instructions. Junk DNA is non-coding.
The Junk DNA was created by Aliens
Theory of Evolution is too abrupt
Why didn't we get rid of our Junk DNA
This theory still believes in Evolution
Is it really that crazy?
Don't browse through too many memes
Mrs.Gibo should raise Stanley's mark because he did very poorly on that last science test and he doesn't what to be disowned.
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