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"NO BULLY"- The Stop of School Bullying

School bullying has become a widespread epidemic across the United States. Daily an estimated 160,000 children do not attend school because they dread being tormented physically and mentally by their fellow peers. The path of bullying continues when the l

alina malina

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of "NO BULLY"- The Stop of School Bullying

Double click anywhere & add an idea "NO BULLY"-The Stop of School Bullying Introduction Problems
Bullying is over looked and ignored
Current research shows that most student killers are almost always male
Females tend to take a less direct way, for example spreading rumors.
Slapping, punching, taunting and the use of any type of weapon are all different forms of violence
Individual risk factors: the exposure to violence or conflict in the family, poor IQ, involvement with drugs or alcohol and poor social skills
Resulting in alcohol/drug abuse, loneliness, neglect, violence
Cognitive and behavioral problems Causes
easy access to weapons

-NYVPC interviewed 1,219 10th graders from Boston and Miwaukee
42% claimed they could get a gun if they wanted
28% handled a gun without adult knowledge or supervision
17% carried a concealed weapon

-Most kids get their guns from their own homes
Underreported Crime
no specific race, gender, ethnicity or age for a child to commit violence
decision to kill is never sudden or spontaneous, rather planned and tested.
killers make direct threats to those that are bullying them
in general students ignore thoes being bullyed
killers lose patience and attack
The use of weapons such as knives and guns gives the killer the power they are so desperately looking for and makes those who neglected them feel powerless.
Bullied students look for attention and fit in; the violent outbreak does just that. Solutions
organize a crisis response plan, to evacuate everyone in an organized manor when violence occurs
see-through book bags, eliminating lockers, using personal identification cards and using metal detectors
zero tolerance law should be established as a solution matter to bullying in schools. If a student is caught harassing another student then actions as severe as expulsion should be put in place. Main Solution (research by Scandinavian researcher Dan Olweus)
School staff participate in conflict resolution training and methods of intervention in bullying situations.
Students learn social problem-solving techniques
Individuals who engage in bullying are taught appropriate leadership skills
Victims are taught more effective social skills
Parent support groups are also used Ad Headline
"Bullying isn’t ok in the hallways and it’s not ok in the classroom"
-bullying happens all though grade school and high school
-teachers need to intervene and establish punishment
-draws the viewer in with dramatic statistics Colors
-font (headline is white, except for NO in black,
and bullies changes from black to white Picture
-teen boy demonstrates that bullying happens mainly in schools or on school grounds (playground etc)
-main appeal to teachers/officials showing that bullying is common in schools
-photo is dramatic, set in gray scale, toned in diffrent areas for emotional appeal
-lockers stand out, lighter then both the student and floor
-first notice opened locker and a mess on the ground

Crime for Disease Control and Prevention, states there is an estimated 55 million students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade Same time over 15 million students attend colleges and universities around the nation Professionals believe that US schools remain safe, but in reality in the last decade there have been several high profile shootings, which put fear into the eyes of parents and students alike. These violent acts disrupt the learning process and place negative effects on schools and communities Columbine High Attack happened on the morning of April 20, 1999 Jefferson County, Colorado
Carrying with them several shotguns, knives, rifles and explosive devices.
Harris and Klebold were a sort of cold blooded criminal duo
They were a deeply disturbed, angry and suicidal pair who planned a shooting rampage similar to that of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing.
900 rounds of ammunition into the bodies of their fellow classmates, teachers, and eventually, themselves
Bullying, physical harassment and the environment a child is raised in can all be main factors in the upbringing of a violent teen.
Most adults were not only unaware of the bullying that was going on in the high school hallways, but they were also ignorant of what was really considered bullying and harassment
Seemed like normal kids on the outside but on the insaide were really disturbed

killed 13, wounded 24 Harris seemed to feel superior to everyone — he once wrote, "I feel like God and I wish I was, having everyone being OFFICIALLY lower than me" —

"Klebold was suicidally depressed and getting angrier all the time. "Me is a god, a god of sadness," he wrote in September 1997, around his 16th birthday" STOP THE MADNESS OF BULLYING!
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