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Alan Lee

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Arteriosclerosis

Improper diet
High Stress
Inadequate Blood Supply
Lack of Physical Exercise Common ways of developing Arteriosclerosis are in the brain, kidneys, heart, and legs. Symptoms of arteriosclerosis vary according to which arteries are affected. Leg pain when exercising. Sudden weakness or dizziness could be caused by an obstruction in the neck,Chest pain or symptoms of a heart attack.

Risk factors for arteriosclerosis include smoking, obesity, high blood preasure,cholesterol, stress, and diabetes. A virus or allergic reaction, chronic kidney disease, nicotine and drugs, or too much of the amino acid can also lead to arteriosclerosis.

A veriety of treatment includes exercise, medication, or surgery. Some treatments include decreasing on calcium and increasing magnesium. Arteriosclerosis was discovered in 1850 and rediscovered in 1950 and still it is still hidden to people around the world.
step#1 blood can flow throught the veseal.
step#2 then plaque builds up inside of the vessal.
step#3 then the plaque narrows down on the vessal.
step#4 then the plaque narrows down to a point that you will die. SIGNS OF ARTIOSCLEROSIS COMMON WAYS OF DEVELOPING ARTIOSCLEROSIS CONTINUED TREATMENT FOR ARTIOSCLEROSIS STEPS OF WHAT ARTIOSCLEROSIS DOES IN YOUR BODY ARTERIOSCLEROSIS DISCOVERED HERE ARE SOME PICTURE OF ARTIOSCLEROSIS The word arteriosclerosis is from the Greek Arterio, meaning artery, and sclerosis, meaning hardening. WHERE THE NAME ARTERIOSCLEROSIS CAMES FROM HERE ARE SOME MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR ARTERIOSCLEROSIS The goal of treating atherosclerosis is to restore as much blood flow as possible to the affected areas. Here are the following points that can help arteriosclerosis * Taking drugs to normalize blood pressure, if blood pressure is high.

* Taking drugs to normalize blood sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes. By:Alan BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.home-remedies.info/diseases/arteriosclerosis-causes.htm



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