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geography .

No description

baba lambaa

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of geography .

'' Although the unemployment
rate has not increased as much as
feared amid the current deep
economic downturn, earlier
experiences shows that we can expect
the levels to continue to rise for some time ahead .'' - Swedbank #4 Canada: 0.949
#4 Sweden: 0.949
#63 Brazil: 0.792
Literacy rate of 99% of people educated.
Sweden's literacy rate is ranked 9th of 27 countries in the world with a total of 99% of the population educated. Brazil's literacy rate is 88.6% of the total population educated and is ranked #121. cultural imperialism
Cultural imperialism is the practice
of promoting or artificially injecting the culture of one society into another. I have come to
a conclusion of migrating
to .... SWEDEN : )
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