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Night- Emotional Death

Jill Enos, Michael Gribble, Alex Sherwood, Heather Huber

heather huber

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Night- Emotional Death

Emotional Death vs. Holocaust Denial

Emotional death may have scarred many from the Holocaust. This makes it hard for many to believe that people could do such things to others, leading them to believe that the Holocaust did not happen. Seeing many people die in the Holocaust could also cause people that were there to mentally try and block the bad memories. Seeing babies be thrown to death seems to be unrealistic to people. Killing innocent people in inhuman ways can be hard to believe sometimes, but there are facts and proof that it happened.
NIGHT "They passed my by, one after the other, my
teachers, my friends, the others, some of whom I had once feared, some of whom I had found ridiculous, all those whos lives I had shared for years." (page17) "In front of us,
those flames. In
the air, the smell
of burning flesh."
(page28) "We did not know, as yet, which was the better side, right or left, which road led to prison and which to the crematoria."
(page32) "...If that is true, then I dont want
to wait. I'll run into the electrified barbed wire. That would be easier than
a slow death in the flames (page33) "We continued our march. We were coming
closer and closer to the pit, from which
the infernal heat was rising. Twenty more steps. If I was going to kill myself, this was the time." (page33) "Not far from us, flames, huge flames,
were rising from a ditch. Something was
being burned there. A truck drew close and
unloaded its hold: small children, babies....
children thrown into the flames." (page32) 1. What are some feelings Elie is experiencing while watching infants being thrown into the fire?

2. How does being separated from her husband and other sons affect the women on the train? What happens to her?

3. What does Elie consider while standing in line to be burned and why? What happens when it is his turn?

4. What does Elie know his father can’t bear to see when they realize what the Germans are doing at the camp?

5. After being told to go to the left in the line, why does Elie say even if his father were to go right he’d run after him, knowing it meant death.
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