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American Astrophilately

The conquest of space as told through postage stamps

David S. Ball

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of American Astrophilately

Postmarks Machine cancel Hand cancel Cachets Beck Goldey NASA Official Velvetone Flick Add on Astrophilatelic basics Right place Right date Space event collector First Day Cover Anniversary Unrelated place Autographs Autopen Secretarial Forgery Vintage Flown Insurance Tracking Captain's Contractors VIP A sample story Component testing Crew simulation Flight test First flight Operational Precursors Germany Rocket aircraft Missile mail Balloon mail Proof of concept A space plane? Launch Landing SRB Recovery Christa McAuliffe Challenger wreckage Printed Centennial Numeroff Steve
Durst American Astrophilately Your quiz - Are you ready? Astrophilately -Telling the story of the
conquest of space through stamps
Collecting & Exhibiting
Space Event Covers F
o Space Craft U
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