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Viviana Valentin, p.2, Sra.Munoz,

No description

Viviana Valentin

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Viviana Valentin, p.2, Sra.Munoz,

La comida de Cuba
Status Update
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Cuba was found in 1492 by Christohper Columbus.
Tobacco and coffee have competed with sugar but land has always been most profitably used for sugar cultivation.
Lechón(carne de puerco)
Arroz y frijoles
Yucca, plátanos,
Cafe Cubano :)
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Santiago de Cuba, held annually from July 18 to 27 to celebrate the saint day of Santiago (St. James).
Havana has its own carnival, the carnival de la Habana takes place in late July and early August.
The largest of all Cuban holidays is Revolution Day (July 26), which commemorates Fidel Castro’s raid on the Batista dictatorship’s barracks in Santiago in 1953 and the birth of the revolutionary writer Jose Marti in 1853.
Poesía de José Martí
Celia cruz, Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada, José Feliciano, Willy Chirino,los Van Van, Grupo Niche, etc.
Cuba is in the Caribbean
Cuba is 485 miles from Florida.
90 miles from the tip of Key West.
Yo soy un hombre sincero...
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Yo soy un hombre sincero, De donde crece la palma, Y antes de morirme quiero, Echar mis versos del alma.

Yo vengo de todas partes, Y hacia todas partes voy:Arte soy entre las artes,En los montes, monte soy.

Todo es hermoso y constante,Todo es música y razón,
Y todo, como el diamante,Antes que luz es carbón.
Viviana Valentin, p.2, Sra.Munoz,

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