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Large and Small Medieval Weapons

No description

Jacob Portnoy

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Large and Small Medieval Weapons

Catapults, tore down the walls of castles and kingdoms. The catapult used torsion to chuck big boulders to destroy walls. In this video there shooting pumpkins. Trebuchets the cousin in the catapult's family of destruction. Like the catapult, the trebuchet flings rocks at amazing distances, but with a catch it uses gravity not torsion to launch boulders. Torsion- The twisting of rope to make kinetic energy. Rams They kicked the door down before gun powder. The purpose of these big guys was to destroy castles and forts. After the cannon, the world changed completely, castle walls had to be made thicker, and they paved the way for modern combat. The weight of the couter-weight thrusts the launching arm forward. The rock is the projectile. Beam or throwingarm Weapons Tomahawk Cruise Missiles These in part helped end the cold war arms race. They reduced the need for carpet bombing cities and would take out strategic targets. In WW2 a perdition strike was 5 miles from a target, now it is 5 inches. Using GPS they could destroy targets miles away. Hand-held weapons Sword Probably the most fanaticized weapon in history, the sword was the M16 of the middle ages. In many continents the sword was the main weapon of the infantry. As swords got stronger battlefronts got deadlier. Swords now are manly celebration and almost never see combat Daggers It is unknown when the dagger becomes the sword. But what is known is it has been the killer of many political figures. It is favored for its weight. Its modern day counter parts are the bayonet, combat knife, and the pocket knife. The purpose of medieval weapons was to harm or kill. Also swords changed from being tools of cutting to being tools to attack one's opponent. They were used to have a quick attack in battle. We still use some of these weapons today. Daggers are used as a weapon in combat. Smaller weapons were important back then because there were so many wars and a kingdom would need to protect itself. Small weapons are important now because we still us some weapons like daggers which help us in war. For example maybe if future people go into war the will use something like a bow and arrow but instead of having to pull back they will push a button and have arrows shoot nonstop. Lances The lance was a tool used when jousting. It was used when a knight would be on a horse. He would hold out his lance and ride to his enemy. Jousting was often used as entertainment. People would go to see the joust. Axes Axes were used to cut things and were sometimes thrown to have an attack. Medieval Current day Combat Rifle Guns use gun powder to fire bullets at amazing speeds. The main gun of the army is the Colt M16 & M4. Currently the M4 model is deployed to troops in combat. These dealers of death have leaded the way for the army for 40 years. Warhead Guidance Foward Body Mid Body Aft Body Current day Larger weapons Medieval Siege Towers Used to scale castle walls they had to be tall mobile skyscrapers. They transported troops over walls of a castle to kill the defenders. Future large weapons will mostly consist of high tech missiles and bombs for artillery. On the ground there will be high tech tanks and jeeps, and other types of transportation. In the air there will be extremely fast jets and air craft’s heavily armed for instance an AC-130. Future Future Future weapons from us can guess will be light weight and fit to urban combat. Though to US our guns are perfect designs, they will have to change. A good candidate is the Fn SCAR Family (in picture). People who.... Have used weapons Are using weapons Will use weapons We learned that medieval weaponry relates to the present and even the future! Also we made a conjecture that maybe to make a gun creators thought of the way a lance worked, which is a thrusting sort, and wondered how we could thrust something out of another object like, a bow and arrow, but have it by even more powerful. Also we learned that it took many men and many different ways to take down a castle wall. From working in a project together we learned you should listen to each other's ideas and always bring in your supplies on time. Lastly we learned a bunch of new ways to use technology as a way of presenting. What We Learned Sometimes attackers would throw dead or diseased animals over a castle's wall instead of rocks.
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