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Community & Strategic Planning


Krista Carre

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Community & Strategic Planning

Community &
Strategic Planning Jason Ferrigan Kris Longston Kristina Lang Mark H. Simeoni David Grieve Krista Carré Planning Techie
GIS guy for Community Planning
New dad to a cute baby girl
Skier & Slugger
Truck lover Projects Kristina Lang
Animal lover
Philosopher Senior Planning Technician
Statistics 'R' Us
Mommy to a one year old baby girl
Animal lover Heritage Brownfield Statistics GIS / Mapping Facilitation Emergency Master Plan Our section is responsible for providing public leadership in community development in order to improve the quality of life of our community. We also provide long range planning and policy alternatives to Council to guide the growth and development of the community. We undertake specific community development projects based on the community's unique opportunities and challenges. Planning Policy functions
Prepare, amend, update, implement and interpret the Official Plan (OP)
Monitor and review the performance of the OP
Community Improvement and Master Plans (e.g. East End of Ramsey Lake Master Plan)
Site Plan Control review (e.g. landscaping of private development)
Provide expert witness at the Ontario Municipal Board Other planning functions include:
Develop, collect and maintain inventory of statistical data on demographics, social and economic indicators, trend analysis and projections (Key Facts Web site)
Provide statistical information in support of planning functions (e.g. community profiles)
Housing data, surveys, policies and programs
Urban design and site design
Heritage preservation
Natural resources and environmental issues Meet the crew Go Bulldogs! QUESTIONS? Other famous people who started out in the Community & Strategic Planning Section:
Bill Lautenbach,Paul Baskcomb & Tin Chee Wu... well maybe famous is a bit of a strong word... What does it mean to be a Jason Ferrigan - Senior Planner
Strengthens our downtown
Breathes new life into brownfields
Protects our agricultural and rural resources
Performs other duties as assigned Breathe life into Brownfield areas Incent change Before After SECRETARY? Ancient Egypt.... Writing support to the Pharaonic state, it’s bureaucracy and military leaders

Called a "scribe" or "sesh"

Hieroglyphic and hieratic texts as well as mathematics

Middle class elite and inherited through generations of sons and fathers Scribes of Egypt represented by the goddess Seshat Egyptian Scribe Art Scribe hieroglyph Mesopotamia.... Same concept, also known as a dubsar

Recorded on clay tablets known as cuneiform or papyrus scrolls

Transactions in accountancy and contract dealings for the state Representation of the goddess nisaba – sumerian goddess of writing, learning and the harvest Early depiction of a dubsar in art Ancient Israel.... Distinguished professionals associated with lawyers, government ministers, judges

Transcribed documents with specific formats for accuracy purposes

Renowned sofers looked after the Torah Scrolls wrote in calligraphy Old pictures of scribes and tools.... And this brings us to today .... After computer technology Before computer technology Tasks undertaken in Community & Strategic Planning Correspondence and staff reports
Appointments and meetings, maintain calendars, make travel arrangements
Monitor expenditures and account balances
Mail, receive and respond to or direct telephone and public enquiries
Logistical support for committees, sub-committees, community groups and designated committees of City Council Committees Municipal Heritage Committee
Agricultural and Topsoil Advisory Panel
Community Liaison Group Programs/Equipment/Technology Used
Computer, sometimes typewriter, telephone
GroupWise calendar, PeopleSoft, Agendas online
Scanner, copier and small desk tools Other community initiatives/contributions.... Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce member
Annual Voice of Business Publication contributor
Greater Sudbury Celtic Festival and Highland Games volunteer, Northern Lights Festival Volunteer
Sudbury SPCA volunteer
Annual Paws for a Cause Chair
Picture our Lakes, AOE
Novice antique book collector
Working towards a degree in Philosophy Thanks! Kristina Lang; Working for the people of Sudbury!!! Manage rural development Preserve soil NeORA
Sudbury Arts Council
Artists on Elgin
Sudbury Symphony
Community Development
Ward 1 CAN Community Building Organizational Capacity Community Organization Project development Political connectivity Partnership development School Board
Community Groups
Non-Government Organizations North Water Sports Club
ATV Bylaw
Feasibility Studies
Special Projects Projects Customers Schools
Mayor's Office
Senior Administration
Post-secondary institutions
Downtown (DVDC...)
Senior Levels of Government
Advisory Panels
Non-profit organizations
Students Responsible for long range and policy planning for the City of Greater Sudbury
Responsible for heritage planning matters in the City, including the Municipal Heritage Committee
Liaise with Provincial and Federal departments on issues related to funding, land use planning and municipal affairs Doors Open Sudbury 2010
Jane’s Walk 2010
Proposed Growth Plan for Northern Ontario
Cost Sharing Policy for Development
Heritage Assessments of Historical Properties
Built Boundary and Residential Intensification Tracking System
Reporting on Statistical Information regarding Quality of Life Indicators for the City of Greater Sudbury
Lively/Walden Sewage Treatment Plant Environmental Assessment
Website for the Municipal Heritage Committee
Source water protection
Green Space Advisory Panel Financial Services
Community Services
Engineering Department
Real Estate
Community Action Networks (CANs)
Municipal Heritage Committee
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry
NGO’s (i.e. Northern Ontario Railway Museum, Coalition for a Livable Sudbury)
Other Municipalities
etc... etc.... Provides research and evaluation on land use planning issues
Provides organization and promotion of land use planning issues in the community
Organizes and promotes events and programs related to municipal heritage
Provides input from a land use and social planning perspective to various committees, organizations and groups What I do.... Projects on the go.... How my work contributes to the section/corporation/community: Bicycle Advisory Panel
Planning Services Website
Land Reclamation (liming & planting)
Barren Rings project
Leisure Services - Ella Lake campground
Official Plan
Farm mapping
Brownfield mapping
Infill and intensification project
1957 Fire Insurance
Rural Consent policy review
Top soil stripping by-law
2010 Ontario Summer Games sites
And all the other projects mentioned today Science and evidence based policy;
Helps to ensure the City makes well informed decisions. Spatially relates things to the real world.
We make the senior planners look good. Provide statistical data to whoever is asking (internally/externally)
Maintain the Key facts website (Community Profile)
Green Space Advisory Panel - provide mapping & information
Labour Force Survey - track stats and maintain data
Track development (Building Permits, Draft Plans of Subdivision, Subdivisions, Development Review, ICI)
Sewer & Water treatment capacity study
Assist planners with their day-to-day projects
Assist Dave with mapping tasks
Work with community groups/individuals on special projects (e.g. Heritage, Rainbow Routes)
Trained as an operator at the EOC
Participant on internal committees (e.g. CRM, GIS, EVAC) Kris Longston - Senior Planner
Father of 2 (boys)
Call of Duty soldier extraordinaire
Ghostbuster Improve public realm Manage parking supply What i am working on.... Sources.... Census of Canada, Statistics Canada
MPAC / Assessment data
Labour Force Survey (Stat Can)
Building Services Section
Engineering/Public Works ESRI GIS software (ArcMap)
Intenet Explorer
Microsoft Products (Word, Excel, Access) Software.... Things I am currently working on: The Planning Techs As Planning Technicians it is our job to support the Senior Planners Green Space Heritage Community Improvement Plans Mark Simeoni
Acting Manager/Senior Planner
Hockey Dad
Runner/Cycler Site Plan Control review
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