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AP: Go Away Communism

No description

Luke Bailey

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of AP: Go Away Communism

AP: Go Away Communism
-Mao Zedong dies in 1976

-Replacement Deng Xiaoping repudiates Mao's legacy. Releases prisoners, allows western media.

-Allows ownership of small farms and permitted factory owners to keep profits. Massive foreign investment.
Chinese Economic Miracle
-Better diets, lower mortality, increased wealth.

-However, increased crime and inequality.

-Despite allowing elements of capitalism, government still maintains authoritarian control of society. (Tiananmen Square)
Soviet Union
-By 1980s, stagnant economy and food shortages.

-In 1987, leader Mikhail Gorbachev begins "perestroika" , an economic program allowing foreign investment and small scale ownership

-Policy of "glasnost" allowed freedom of speech and non-state owned newspapers. This allowed people to see problems with USSR (crime, corruption, homelessness)

-Inequality within Soviet Union exposed.
Uh Oh
-Economy goes into tailspin. (inflation, rationing) Soviet citizens fail to take advantage of new freedoms (unlike Chinese)

-Pro-democracy demonstrations in Eastern Europe
Miracle Year of 1989
-In 1987-1989, massive protests in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, East Germany, etc). Berlin Wall falls (next slide). Gorbechev refuses to use force. These countries break away.

-In 1989 elections (real ones), communists are kicked out of office, replaced with moderates.

-In 1991, Communist forces in army attempt coup to overthrow Gorbechev. Fails. Soviet Union is over, Russian Federation declared.
When the Cold War Officially Ended
Long Term Consequences
-Eastern E. countries join NATO. Cold War over.

-State-owned firms privatized. Arms dealers make off with weapons. Firms given to well connected "oligarchs" who rule Russia today.

-Russia's oil and gas based economy struggles to compete.
Berlin Wall
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