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Data Management Career Success

Data Management Career Success in Turbulent Times, by Karen Lopez of InfoAdvisors.com

Karen Lopez

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Data Management Career Success

Data Management Career Success
...in Turbulent Times
Karen Lopez
Sr Project Manager
20+ Years
Former President of IRMAC
BS Computer Information Systems, Purdue
Demonstrating your expertise
Building a portfolio of your success stories
Getting others to sell your skills and business value
Building & extending your data management skill set
10 Steps to highlighting you and your work
Demonstrating Your Expertise
Building a Portfolio of Your Success Stories
Getting Others to Sell Your Skills and Business Value
Building & Extending Your Data Management Skill Set
10 Steps to Highlighting You and Your Work
Be your own Chief Marketing Officer
Recruit Sales Staff
Engage, don't just join
Network when you don't need to
Be a sales person for others
Be a Portfolio Manager
Think Across and Down the Zachman Framework
Quality over Quantity
Collect Metrics
(Re)Examine Your Definition of Work
I want you to be successful
Create Procedure GetSalesById
@Id int,
@Sales money OUTPUT
SELECT @Sales = sales
FROM sample
WHERE id = @Id

Create Procedure GetNameInfoById
@Id int
SELECT first_name, last_name
FROM sample
WHERE id = @Id
I would love to get any feedback you have at all – good, bad, or ugly.

Skype: karenlopez
To leave public comments about this presentation, go to
Thank You
I will tweet, blog, Facebook and LinkedIn about you
Then others are going to do that...and so on...
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