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Chinese ABC Book


Emma Marti

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Chinese ABC Book

Emma Marti China ABC Book A Acupuncture B Buddhism C Confucianism D Daoism E Emperor F First Farmers G Great Flood H Himalayas I Import J Jade K King Wu L Loess M Meridians N Naivety O Oracle P Pictograph Q Qin Dynasty Reach for the STARS R Responsibility S Silk T Taklamakan U Universe V Virtue W Writing X Xia Dynasty Y Yin and Yang Z Zhou Dynasty A Chinese medical practice
or procedure that treats illness
by inserting needles into the body. A religion originated
in India by Buddha The male supreme
ruler of an empire A mountain range that extends about 1500 miles which is along the border between India and Tibet. Highest peak, Mt. Everest, 29,028 feet. To bring something
into a new place
from a foreign country A yellowish or
calcareous deposit
formed by wind The most valuable
form of the jade stone
is imperial jade. a person who delivers wise or highly regarded and influential pronouncements. A pictorial sign or symbol The state or fact of act of being responsible. The soft fiber obtained from the inside of the silkworm cocoon A desert in central Xingjiang Uygur
Autonomous Region, China. A world or sphere in which something
prevails Excellence,
or righteousness The act of a person or a writing tool A Chinese philosophy of two principles; one negative and one positive The imperial dynasty of China from 1122 BC to 221 Bc A type if medicine
like acupuncture Naivety is the state of being Naive When people use acupuncture, you usually don't feel
it The theory is that a energy called qi flows through the body and when the energy is disrupted, people think that it causes different disease Buddhism is a religion in which the
followers worship the Buddha (which
was Siddhartha Gautama.) The two branches are Theravada ("The School of the Elders")
and Mahayana ("The Great Vehicle"). Confucianism is a philosophical
system developed from the
philosopher Confucius' teaching The core of this religion is humanism which is the belief that humans are teachable Daoism used to be known as Taoism so if you want to know about Daoism you
search Taoism Sometimes would be referred
to as "Son of Heaven" Emperors from the same family line would be called dynasties The control of the farmlands and distributed to 300 million peasant farmers Agriculture is a very vital thing in China so they need farmers to work on them! This was a major flood that continued
around 2 generations The flood was a key to
understanding the
Xia and Zhou dynasties The highest peak is Mount Everest
which is 8,848 miles high The Himalayas are home to some of the highest mountains in the world In this time period, we see the 'made in China' sign means it was IMPORTED from China! Smuggled goods must be included in the Import Measurement The name Jade is applied to two different metamorphic rock minerals which are Jadeite and Nephrite The English word Jade is from the Spanish word piedra de ijada. His reign was from
1046 – 1043 BC He was the first king in the Zhou
Dynasty Loess is a sediment rock
where dust is accumulated after time The word is of German origin and means “loose.” It was first applied to Rhine River valley loess about 1821 There are about 400 acupuncture points and 20 meridians connecting most of the points 649 of the acupuncture points were recognized in China Naive in early use meant natural or innocent An oracle bone is usually a turtle bone or shell The oracle bones show the earliest known significance of Chinese
writing Also called a pictogram Pictography is a form of
writing that uses pictorial
signs or symbols Sometimes people
would confuse
it with the Qing
Dynasty in Imperial
China The Qin Dynasty didn't last
very long despite it's military
defenses There are lots of different types
of responsibilities like
religious, human, and family. Usually everyone in Ancient China
would have their own responsibility Silk is a natural fiber
that can be woven
into textiles Silks were usually reserved for the
Kings or people that were high
in the social class The area of the desert
is 130,116 sq. miles This desert is usually cold. It is usually around −20 °C
or −4 °F The shape and size of the universe, we
may not actually be able to
measure I read online that the Universe stared with
a "Big Bang" 14 million years ago and it has been expanding ever since so there is really no actual center A quality or trait that is
positive and told to
be morally good The opposite of virtue is Vice
which means a habit that is
considered immoral Writing is the representation
of many different languages
in the form of different signs
or symbols Archaeologists in 2003 reported finding turtle
shells with writing dating back to the 7th
millennium BC It was taken over by the Shang
Dynasty in 1600 BCE In the political stories, this dynasty was
thought to create the idea for the mandate of heaven They are not opposing forces,
but just forces, one being
more feminine and one being
masculine There is a belief that Yin and Yang stand for evil and good. But it literally means "shadow and light" The Zhou Dynasty lasted
from 1046 to 256 BC The use of iron was introduced to China in the time
of the Zhou Dynasty The term Tao means "path" or way The actual definition is the philosophical system evolved by Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, advocating a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of noninterference with the course of natural events, in order to attain a happy existence in harmony with the Tao. The actual definition is The history of agriculture is written in archaeological sites throughout the world. The first farming communities practiced part-time agriculture, in gardens or patches, with varying levels of dependence on grown crops or tending and sheltering animals. The small settlements where the history of agriculture can be understood are located throughout the world and at different times in the world. This flood caused storms and famine His ancestral name was Ji and
his real name was Fa The origin is from 17th century France
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