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Polygon Review

Discusses polygon and triangle classification

Crystal Rae

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Polygon Review

Polygons: A Review
Classifying Polygons
We classify polygons, and really anything for that matter, based upon their attributes.
Essential Attributes
Essential Attributes of Triangles
The Whole Family!
Quadrialteral Graphic Organizer
A polygon is a closed figure with three or more sides.
Regular Polygons
Triangles Pop Quiz
Triangles can be classified by their____ or their ______.

Triangles have _____ sides and _____ angles.

T. or F. A right triangle always faces the right.
Did you know?
Mr. Wilborn's 5th Grade Class
Quad means 4 (four) and lateral means sides! Quadrilaterals are a subset or type of polygon
Can you name a few quadrilaterals?
Attributes or properties could include:
the number of sides
the size of angles
the length of sides
The presence (or absence) of parallel and perpendicular lines
An attribute of
Paola and Daniella and Briana is that they are excellent artists.
T.or F. Triangles create parallel lines.

An attribute of Ms. Rae is that she is vertically challenged.
Polygons are classified and identified by their attributes. When studying note the similarities and differences them.
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