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Katie Polidoro and shreya gullapalli

No description

lib hist

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Katie Polidoro and shreya gullapalli

Spencer Stone had to make a sacrifice when he saw a gunman with an AK47 on the train ready to shoot. He tackled the gunman to the ground while he tried to cut Stone but before he could Stone knocked him unconscious saving everyone on the train.
"Faced with the evil called terrorism there is a good, that's humanity. You are the incarnation of that." -Spencer Stone
In Common
Spencer Stone

Roy P. Benavidez

Spencer Stone
Spencer Stone
Roy P. Benavidez was born in Lindenau, Texas. His rank was a Master Sergeant. Roy P. Benavidez served in the Vietnam war. He got awarded by President Ronald Reagan.
Katie Polidoro and shreya gullapalli
Spencer Stone
Roy p. benavidez
The characteristic that describes Roy P. Benavidez is sacrifice because he jumped out of a hovering helicoper to rescue a 12 person recon team without thinking twice. He could have killed becasue he ran across 75 meters of land while people shot at him.
Roy P. Benavidez
Both earned the medal of honor
Both recipients got shot and wounded
Both of them were in the military at some point in their life
Both people are heroes
Both people survived the situation
Spencer Stone was born and raised in Sacramento, California. His job in the air force was an airman. He received the Medal of Honor in September of 2015. He was awarded by President Barack Obama.
Born in California
President Barack Obama gave him the award
Situation occurred on a train
Wasn't armed in situation
Was 23 years old when awarded
Born in Texas
Got awarded by President Ronald Reagan
Served in Vietnam War
Was armed in situation
Was 33 years old in the situation
"I remembered that my leader would tell me, 'faith, determination, and a positive attitude...will carry you further than abiity.'"- Roy P. Benavidez
Roy P. Benavidez
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