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effect of globalisation on culture

suzuna kidokoro

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of globalisation

Fashion Explain:
In Japan they do not wear “kimono” or “yukata” (traditional Japanese dress) in daily life. Clothes we wear which are easy to move came from other countries. Some old ladies wear kimono or yukata in Japan, but young girls and boys never wear them but in special days. So by globalizing, people who wear traditional dresses are getting less and less. Example:
sometimes people believe that most people in Japan are still wearing the Japanese traditional clothing in every day life! A few people may be in Japanese traditional clothes everyday, but the majority of people do not wear those clothes except for traditional events such as weddings or funeral ceremonies. globalization Dance Statement: traditional dance in Japan is getting destroyed by globalization. Explain:
In Japan traditional dance is “souran” or “bonodori” etc. these days in Japan if a young girl or boy says ”I’m doing dance” most people will think hip-hop, jazz, break etc. if a old lady or men says “I’m doing dance” most people will think traditional dance. As you can tell, younger people are doing globalized dance and older people are not. Some day there will be no one dancing the traditional dance and it will be gone because by the globalization. Example:
there is many cultural dances in Japan. It could be from India or China. This is very rear and it is very important. Now in Japan the people who dance are getting less, and if the population gets less, this traditional dance could disappear. Food statement: Japanese are not eating Japanese food Explain:
Japanese are eating other cultures food, like Italian, Chinese. They are losing their culture by globalizing. Look around Japan, all the restaurants and fast food is from another country, Starbucks, MacDonald etc. this was affected by this reason. In Japan, they started to make cultural restaurants. And every time when a new culture, like Indian Thai Korean comes it gets in a big hit. And the Japanese restaurants get less people and at last, there will be none. Japanese food is healthy and in other countries they started eating, and the amount of cancer got less. Compare to that, Japanese started to eat fast food, and junk food. They are losing their culture and their health. Only the good thing is that, it will not disappear, because other countries have. xplain:
Japanese eating life is getting worse. It is told that Japanese foods are healthy, but this traditional food culture is changing.
In Japan importing got prosperous and started not to make food by there own. In this globalized word, the import got easier the more Japanese don’t product food. So if we leave this, there will be no food in Japan, and only imported things. It is destroying Japanese culture.
Music statement: older people listen to traditional music younger ones don’t. Explain:
listening to any music program in japan most of it doesn’t sing traditional music called “hourgaku”. Most songs we listen now is from other countries, and it is now normal. Even though there’s music program about “hougaku” most audience is old woman or man. There is some new young hougaku singer but, comparing to 10 years ago it is getting less and less. Example:
Population is decreasing, and it is getting hard to support and keep the cultural music.
In Japan foreign music are getting popular. The people of listening Japanese music are getting less every year. This is because of the globalization, and how Japanese treat with it.
Japan by: Suzuna kIDoKoro Life Style statement: furniture in your house Explain:
if I look around see if there’s traditional furniture, no there is none. In Japan we have lots of different furniture. We sit and sleep on the floor (kotatu), and the toilet (washiki) has changed. In Japan most houses are changing their furniture which is from foreign counties. If we don’t use the traditional Japanese furniture, it will disappear Example:
the Japanese lifestyle is changing slowly and slowly to western style.
There is a very good picture that can explain!
statement: do Japanese often wear traditional clothes
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