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Minds eye strategy

No description

Dannella Cardwell

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Minds eye strategy

Mind's Eye Strategy Overview is a strategy that builds student's capacity to create mental images from texts This is done by
Drawing their attention to key image-laden words in text
Encouraging them to make predictions about a text based on the images they create
Allowing students to process their images and share their predictions with other students through a product of their choice
Engaging them in active reading by having them test their predictions against the actual text
Teaching them how to use image making independently Why strategy
works Research line 1: Proficient Reader Research
The ability to construct images in the mind
Activates prior knowledge and uses it to make predictions about a text.
Mind's eye built on the three-phase reading approach
1 Pre-Reading
2 During reading
3 Post-reading Why strategy works Research Line 2: Dual Coding
Storing information in two ways makes learning deeper and easier to remember- through language and through images.
Teaching students how to construct mental images while they read enhances their abilities to make inferences, make predictions, and remember what they have read. How to use Strategy Activity Readers must supply their own images by actively converting words on the page into realistic settings, flesh and blood characters, and dynamic scenes. The ability to "see" a text unfold in the mind is essential for deep reading. Mind's eye is a strategy whose overall benefits on reading comprehension can be traced through three distinct lines of research. Research Line3: Field Research
Increased reading comprehension inside schools and in clinical studies.
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