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wonderful water polo

No description

lis lab3

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of wonderful water polo

Wonderful Water Polo
5 facts:
By Emerson Dalton
This sport began in 1870's in England.
You play this sport in an Olympic size pool.
when people play this sport they say pass pass im open.
The equiment you need for
this sport is a cap, goggles, and a
swimsuit because you will be in
The goal of this sport is that you try to score
a goal for your team by either pushing the
yellow hollow ball in the goal or throwing it
in the goal.
When people are playing this sport they usally say Pass pass I'm open" to the player that has the ball on your team.
In water polo you are not allowed to push peoples'heads under the water becauseit is illegal. 2) Water polo is a very competive game in England. 3) This sport became an olympic sport in the 1900's. 4) Each half is 30min. long so the whole game is an hour. 5) Water polo is a really fun sport!
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