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No description

Katherine Rickson

on 3 June 2018

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Transcript of Shelter

Read pages 28-30
How does the writer show that Shelter is psychotic?
Use the questions on the sheet to help you analyse this chapter in more detail.

Thinking about everything you have learned about shelter so far, write down three words to describe him...
How does the writer show that Shelter is psychotic?
The writer shows that Shelter is psychotic by showing that he...
L.O: To have a better understanding of the character of Shelter.
What does the word
Make you think of?

Create a spider diagram in your books.
Watch the video, then answer the following questions.
1. What is wrong with the man in the video?
2. Who do you think the Dark Passenger is?
3. Why does the man feel like he needs to kill people?
What do you think
a) a mental health problem

b) where a person doesn't understand things in the same way as those around them, for example, that killing is wrong

c) where a person is very paranoid and believes things that obviously aren't true, for example, that your neighbour is going to kill you

Extension: Can you find any other quotes in the book that hint that Shelter is psychotic?
For example, in the text it says..
This means that...
this makes me think that...
This makes me picture...
This makes me feel...
This helps me to understand that Shelter is psychotic because...
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