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what makes a good actor/actress

Year 12

on 22 January 2010

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Transcript of BTEC PA

What Makes A Good Actor/Actress? Today I am going to be talking to you about what makes a good actor/actress...and will explain what a good actor/actress does, I will also be looking at some famous Actors/ Actresses and what i like about some of them. Actors / Actresses Tom Cruse
Will Smith
Simon pegg
Ricky Gervais
Nick Frost
Keira Knightley
Catherine Tate
Simon Pegg Simon Pegg was born in beckingham 14th feb 1970.
Not only is Simon a well known actor he is also a comedian, Writer and film producer, his most popular flims are Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Run fat boy run, Simon also featured in the series Spaced.
Along side Simon in Shuan of the dead and Hot Fuzz is Nick Frost who is one of Simons best friends even to be his best man on Simons wedding day.

I think Simon is a good actor as he always make his charactors flow and really smooth, i also like his sense of humour as its orginal. A good actor can make a role flow perfectly naturally and make a charactor come to life.
A good actor will not only learn their lines but be a Completely different person.
Actors should be able to be anyone possible by changing personality, body posture and minmic other peoples gestures.
Actors also should be able to motivate themselfs to say and do things that the character would do, Actors learn about the character and become the character before they can act a part.
A actor should be able to make the audience look past them and feel the emotions of the charactor not them, a bad actor would mix their own present emotions with the charactor like laughter,body posture and body language.
What Does a Good Actor/Actress Do Thank You For Listening Nick Frost
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