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Kista Idea Lab - Building a Glocal Social Media Community for User Driven Innovation

No description

Åke Nygren

on 31 October 2010

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Transcript of Kista Idea Lab - Building a Glocal Social Media Community for User Driven Innovation

Where is the library? outside the library walls? @home? at work? staging the unexpected the glocal digital community kista feed kista tracks here? www.kistaidealab.se @cafe? @bar? @virtual worlds? @metro? @social media? multitechnological geolocation user participation co-creation @ #IFLA2010 SUB Satellite:
Marketing Libraries
in a Web 2.0 World multilingual multinational multicultural multispecial Play & Learn Story Lab Learning Lab Job Lab re: Building a Glocal Social Media Community
for User
Innovation re: Social Media Marketing strategy staging the unexpected (guerilla, virus) marrying the ICT dept with the marketing dept building a glocal community with collegues, partners (formal & non-formal) and users facilitate the formation of a tribe with Kista ambassedeurs marrying/merging the digital social web with the physical always physical links/visualizations/ Reach:
1. The big bubble
2. The library bubble
3. The local bubble (scanning local digital conversations: Kista Feed)
- Local organizations, companies
- Passionate individuals (bloggers, twitterers, geeks)
4. The wider public through mainstream/old skool media:
Values Trust
Inclusion Gate 2009
Citizen Fair 2010
Icecamp 2010
IFLA 2010 Practice Challenges Overcome ICT restrictions
Get proper (mobile) tools
Reach critical mass of PASSIONATE users
What comes after 23 Things?
Corporate Microblogging - Yammer/Twitter
Social Media part of core business - when?
Social Media plan
Partner clustering
Full integration of Kista Idea Lab with the whole Stockholm Public Library system
@the bus? digital traces digital graffiti physical traces/graffiti inclusion Where stories are created? Have your say in the Twitter Tree! the digital is getting physical post-digital society co-tweeting social media is getting mobile! social media is getting physical! in your pocket? www.kistaidealab.se www.akenygren.se
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