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Civil Rights Movement

No description

Courtney Butler

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights movement People Sit-ins Rosa Parks Martin Luther King Jr. Malcom x Strategies March on Washington
Freedom Summer Freedom Rides Events Organizations Black Panthers NAACP Nation of Islam SNCC Little Rock Nine Voting Rights Act of 1965 White Flight Brown V. Borad of Education A brave African American lady who wanted change. She was riding on the bus when she was asked to give her seat up to a white man she refused to. A civil rights leader. He believed in non-violence.He gave the famous speach "I have a dream." A African American man, he was a activist and a minister. African Americans would go sit in the white areas in resturaunts and not move when asked until severd. In the summer of 1963 M.L.K led a march on washington they the Congress to pass the Civil rights act and then a year later they passed the voting rights act. A effort in 1964 to register African Americans in Mississippi. KKK didnt like this at all so they tried stoping it by bombing churches and murdering people. White and Blacks protesters would ride to bus stop to bus stop and whites would sit in colored ares and blacks would sit in white areas and protest. It was a self defence and blacks would walk around with guns and weapons to protect themselves A group of people who fought to end segregation between blacks and whites and discrimination. The term decribing when the whites were moving out of middle-class neighbor hoods. The African Americans began to move into the middle-class neighborhoods. Whites hated the fact they were moving by them. The Supreme Court decision that have a seperate school for blacks and whites was unconstitutional. There was no more segergation in school. Students had to get use to it. The first brave African-Americans to enter a sergated school in Arkansas. They were treated fairly bad. Eisenhower demanded that they get protected. Agreed voting rights were no fair for blacks. You were allowed to vote no matter what color or race you were. Many blacks were saticfied. American-Islamic organization that advocated black and white segregation. Student non-violent coordinating comitee. This was created by Stokely Carmicheal in 1960. The people of the comitee worked very hard on unfair civil rights Lyndon Johnson He was the 36th president. Served 4 elected offices
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