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erika steinger

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of WORD CHALLENGE

Narrative Paragraph
Narrative Writing
An introductory statement...
- Identifies the topic of the narrative
Detail Sentence
2. NUMBER events 1-5 in time order.
Language use
Transition words and phrases connect details.
Do Now: QUIZ
Turn to pages 48 and 49 in your RBook.
Complete the Word Challenge (1-10) independently and silently. This will be graded as a quiz.
-Tells a story about real or imagined events or experiences
- Example: If a victim of the Ebola virus were to write a paragraph about the outbreak from his/her point of view
Student Model
Introductory Statement
-Engages the reader by establishing a point of view
Where is the introductory statement?
1. Underline it!
Detail sentences...
-describe events or experiences in time order
Sensory details...
-bring to life the setting, events, and people or charaters
3. check three sensory details.
circle five transition words or phrases.
The writer uses vivid adjectives to describe the experience in a lively way.
Double underline three vivid adjectives.
Concluding sentence
The concluding sentence completes the narrative in a satisfying way.
Star the concluding sentence.
a pox on my party
by Diego rodriguez
When I was 14, I caught the chicken pox, which made me worry that I would have to cancel my birthday plans. First, I noticed the scarlet spots in the mirror, but thought they were just a little acne. That was embarrassing enough, because my birthday party was in two weeks. By the next day, the spots had spread. The itchy bumps covered my body and made my skin feel like it was on fire. I raced to the doctor and learned that I had the chicken pox. The whole next week, I worried at home. Would I have to cancel my party? Would I start a chicken pox epidemic among my best friends? After two weeks, I returned to the doctor. She said I was no longer contagious, and I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. In the end, I had a marvelous birthday party, spot-free!
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