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Unit 3 Assignment 1 Task 1 (P1 & P2)

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Yash Modha

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Unit 3 Assignment 1 Task 1 (P1 & P2)

In this presentation I will be defining what data & information is? I will talking about different types and sources of data & information. I will also be talking about what is the purpose of information? In addition I will talk about the characteristics of a good information and I will relate this to Infosys communication company.
Purpose of information
Purpose of information
Decision making is when a problem or issue occurs in an organization and when the manager has to make a tough decision to solve the problem. Infosys communications would have to make a tough decision if they don't have enough data on which games to buy.

Gaining advantage is this is opposite of solving a problem, for example to attract more customers so many organizations promote football world cup. Infosys communication should take advantage of any future events to attract customers.
Information Flow Diagram
Characteristics of a
good information
The information should be representative and verifiable. For example, the information must be put in a way which you understand and the information must be verifiable meaning that you should be able to confirm that this information is valid. In relation to infosys communications the information that the customers provide them should be valid.
Characteristics of a
good information
Level of detail
If the level of detail is low then it is not worth it because you won't learn much from it. Furthermore in relation to Infosys communication the level of detail can affect the whole company. For example if Infosys haven't provided a good description of a product their customers wouldn't be happy if they get a wrong product due to the description.
Unit 3 Assignment 1 Task 1 (P1 & P2)
By Yash Modha
There are four main purpose of information and they are Operational support, analysis, decision making and gaining advantage.

Operational support is a group of computer programs used to monitor, analyze or manage a computer. Infosys communications can use this to figure out which games are popular and this way they can manage what games to put on sales.

Analysis is where an organization regularly does scans to figure out a patterns and trends of what their customers are buys the most and least. Infosys communications can do some analysis on what types of games does people buy.
There are two different sources of information internal and external information. Internal information is information within the organization. External information is information which comes form outside an organization for example customer detail would be an external source of information. In relation to Infosys Communication the external source of information would be customers and internal would be customer services, and the any departments set up by the organization.
There are two main types of information Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative information is personal and subjective however Quantitative is factual and often number based. In relation to Infosys communication qualitative information would be the customer details and the company details whereas the quantitative information would be the numeric information such as any databases used by the company to keep tract of their products in numbers.
Sources of Information &
Types of information
Data sources and data types
Data source is anything which produces raw data for example a database or a file. There are different data types and they are listed below with an example:
- Alphanumeric or Text - 73, High street
- Number - 20
- Currency - £2.50
- Date/Time - 20 February 2006
- Logical, Yes/No - On/Off
In relation to infosys communication data needs to be gathered on how much does certain games cost so they will need to use currency format. Furthermore they will need to gather data on what type of games do people play and for this they will need to gather alphanumerical data.
Characteristics of a
good information
Understandable by the user
The information must be in simple vocabulary at which everyone can understand it. In relation to Infosys communication they can get different age customers because there are probably variety of games from kids to adults and due to this the description of the games must be in simple language as there are kids who might read it as well.
What is data & information
Any words, letters or symbols which does not make sense on its own is data. In relation to the Infosys communications company data would be anything which does not make sense on its own such as the number 250! However when given context you are able to transform data into information, for example the number 250 can be understood as 250 games.
Characteristics of a
good information
There is no point of any of the information gathered if it's not accurate because inaccurate information might just mean no information at all. In relation to Infosys communication all the descriptions of their products must be right and accurate as the customers will expect the product to be like what they read in the description of that product. Furthermore this doesn't just apply to the company but also the customers as they must provide the information about themselves while buying one of the products.
Characteristics of a
good information
You shouldn't choose a method which might provide less information with a high cost. In relation to infosys communication a cheap way to collect information is by setting up an online questionnaire. By doing this you are not wasting paper and it is quicker to get the answers you are looking for.
Characteristics of a
good information
Information Age
The age of the information can have a big impact on your business because if you have an outdated piece of information you run the risk of not knowing any new information which may be important. In relation to Infosys communications the information about each product must be updated for example, information about a certain product in stock or not.

Characteristics of a
good information
Characteristics of a
good information
Trusted source
It is very impotent to know where you are getting your information from and to know that it is a trustworthy source. Moreover always double check that the information you have gathered is right by finding another source. In relation to Infosys communication gathering information from

The information must be accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet connection meaning it should be stored on internet. This means you can access it from your office, home or while traveling. In relation to infosys communications many of the organization departments might need the same information so it is easier if the information is stored on a server or on the internet because this way everyone can access the information at once.
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