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Economic Activities of Native Peoples

No description

Andrew D'Anna

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of Economic Activities of Native Peoples

Economic Activities of Native Peoples
The Wampum Belt
Native Trade
Significance of Trade
Why it was important
Natives traded different goods.
This helped maintain relationships.
Trade Networks
extended all over North America.
Since there was no such thing as money, they bartered (traded).
The Algonquian had extra meat and furs.
And the Iroquois had extra vegetables.
So they traded.
They did not trade for profit.
They traded for subsistence.
Just barely
having enough
Native groups that traded together also became military and political partners.
This created
Native groups did not pay for things with money.
Your Task:
In 3-5 sentences, explain how trade functioned among Native Peoples.
Trade networks extended all over the continent
Your Task:
In 3-5 sentences, explain how goods from the St-Lawrence Lowlands could very far from the Iroquois.
Made of shells, the wampum belt was used sort of like a contract.
The 2-Line Wampum Belt
The 2 lines represented the Iroquois and the Europeans co-existing.
Because trade gatherings became opportunities to discuss other things.
When alliances fell apart, native group went to war.
of War
The Iroquois would adopt prisoners of war.

Others were tortured and killed.
Your Task:
Discuss the importance of the wampum belt.
Chapter 1
Part 3
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