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No description

Odalys Carrera

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Cyber-bullying

People that have been cyberbullied may end up having personal issues such as depression.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender
People living in Poverty
People with Disabilities
Different Ethnicities
Typical Victims:
Current CART Policies
Misrepresenting yourself, your identity, or CART in an electronic correspondence
Using electronic mail to harass or threaten others. This includes sending repeated, unwanted e-mail to another user
Forging the identity of a user in an electronic communication
Transmitting or reproducing materials that are defamatory in nature, or that otherwise violate existing laws
Displaying or downloading obscene, lewd, or sexually harassing images or text
Current Policy
Public Service Announcement Video
Stop Cyber-bullying
Repercussions of Cyberbullying
Impact of cyber-bullying
non-monetary costs (peace of mind, sense of security, life)
do poorly academicaly
Long term effects
depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts
Health Risks
substance abuse, suicide, mental health issues
Odalys Carrera, Kallie Edgecomb, Savannah Garrett, Destinee Phaphol
Inform to make changes
Not In Out Town
inspire students to take a stand against bullying
training, films, lesson plans
American Humane Organization
impliment solid school policies
hold every adult accountable to stop bullying

Policy Recommendation/Action Plan
Assembly to bring awareness
-Beginning of the school year
May 24,2016
AM and PM classes
-Show a public service announcement video
Discuss with Mr.Watson at CART
Make the policy accessible online
with policies adressing cyberbullying
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