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Joanna Cole

Author Study for Children's Literature

Sarah White

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Joanna Cole

Joanna Cole Born August 11, 1944 in Newark, NJ
married Philip Cole in 1965
1 daughter: Rachel Elizabeth
Currently lives in Connecticut Education:
University of Massachusetts
Indiana University
City College of New York Member of:
Authors League of America, Society of Children's Book Writers, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Career:
NY City Board of Education, elementary school librarian and instructor, several editing jobs & now a full time writer Cole first discovered the pleasures of writing when she was in grade school. She enjoyed writing reports and funny stories with pictures to go along with the words. She remembers being excited about every subject but science was her favorite. Grade school was important to her even more so than her later education. That could be why she writes books for children as an adult. "Writing is hard work, but it's the greatest fun in the world." Joanna Cole is the author of well over a hundred books that aim at young reader's interests. She specifically writes to help children cope with new situations and key issues in their lives. She has books on science in the area of the life cycle of animals, child development and simply science that sparks learning. Her most recognized books are the Magic School Bus series. She has won many awards from the American Library Association, Horn Book, School Library Journal, the National Science Teachers Association and Children's Book Council, AND all of her books have receieved Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children Joanna Cole is praised for her scientific accuracy and her easily understood explanations of sometimes complicated subjects for children. Of all of her science books, Cole's "Magic School Bus" series has proved popular since first appearing in 1986. These books combine science and imagination, which make reading more FUN! Her writing style also provides much humor for the reader! A writer for Children's Books and Their Creators explained,
Cole "has given the term nonfiction a new meaning" with the long-running series in which , through " a mastery combination of scientific facts, humor and fantasy... turns science class into story hour." In each book, the class is led by Ms. Frizzle, the teacher, on a new adventure of discovery. Illustrator Bruce Degen shows the unlimited possibilities for travel and fun facts with his artwork. The success of Cole's "Magic School Bus" books, which have sold millions worldwide, has carried over to television, where the Public Broadcasting Service has turned them in to an animated series. 1st Book:
In this book, the students begin learning about the human body. As a class, they go on a "field trip" in which the school bus shrinks and enters Arnold's body. While inside the body, the students come into contact with the stomach, the red & white blood cells, the lungs, heart, brain, spinal cord and finally the nose. While on the journey, the students learn about the function of each of the body parts and are filled with lots of facts to spur on learning. 2nd book: The Magic School Bus INSIDE A HURRICANE
In the book, the students begin learning about the weather when they decide to take a field trip
to the weather station. The students then get hands on experiences with a weather balloon and learn
about the atmosphere, and weather but specifically hurricanes and tornados. On this journey,
the students learn about the facts and specific questions on how a hurricane occurs
and the negative impact it has. 3rd book: The Magic School Bus HOPS HOME
A Book About Animal Habitats

This book tells the story of Wanda's pet frog getting lost outside
after hopping through a window. Ms. Frizzle's class takes an adventure
into the environment to find Wanda's pet Bella. Along the way,
they learn about various environments and the habitat needed
for survival for these creatures. They also come into contact with threats
to the environment such as climate, foodchain dangers, and human impact. Other Books by Joanna Cole:
Over 40 Magic School Bus Books
How I was Adopted: Samantha's Story
I'm a Big Brother
I'm a Big Sister
My Friend the Doctor
When Mommy & Daddy go to Work

My Opinion:
I think Joanna Cole is a great writer. She allows children
to learn new things but in a fun way!! I think her books are highly
entertaining and good for children ranging from 2nd-5th grade. I actually learned some new things about science while reading Magic School Bus and I hope to use them one day in my classroom. References:

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