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Erosion Control:Cities

No description

Lisa Weiss

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Erosion Control:Cities

Damages wildlife
Destroys shoreline
Pollutes water supply
Depletes Groundwater
Effects of Runoff
Depletion of Groundwater
Dirty Water
Especially in coastal cities
Caused when ground cannot absorb water
Major source of erosion in cities
carries dirt and chemicals with it
Runs into streams
Erosion Problems
Signs of Erosion
Exposed Roots of Trees
Soil wearing away
Small Gullies forming
Water runoff removing dirt
Deepening Streams
Water runoff removing dirt
Buildup of sediment in lowland
Deposition of uphill land
Stopping: Large scale
Park additions
Plants and trees hold on to soil
Drainage Systems
Help with pollution of water
Stop major beach erosion during storms
Stopping: Small Scale
Roots hold on to dirt
helps stop water running down hills
Ground covering
Sometimes stops major erosion
Soil addtion
Stop major flooding
Only work until they dont
Offshore plant growth and wetlands
Help ease flooding
Are not as totally effective as seawalls
Evacuation protocols
Save lifes
Last resort
Hurricanes can cause major erosion as well as loss of life in coastal citites
Many conventional methods are unreliable
Causes and Effects
Noticing and Stopping
Major Erosion
Erosion Control:Cities
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March 15, 2015, http://www.idot.illinois.gov/transportation-system/environment/erosion-and-sediment-control
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