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The Amazing Captain Underpants

No description

noah elliott

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The Amazing Captain Underpants

The Adventures Of Captain Underpants MAIN CHARACTERS HAROLD GEORGE MR.KRUPP ABOUT THE BOOK This book is about when George and Harold made the football game horrible by putting bubble bath in the band instruments and helium in the football and put black pepper in the chearleaders pom poms and made them sneeze and they did alot more to make the game horrible. THE END Then Mr.Krupp had a video of George and Harold doing that and Mr.Krupp told them that he would send copies to there parents and the football team and the school board and said that he would get them suspended.George and Harold said that they would do anything to not get suspended.Mr.Krupp said ok you have to do everything on this list but if you dont do one thing on this list you will get suspended. George and Harold did everything on the list and then George looked in his pocket and he found a newspaper ad for a 3d hypno ring.George and Harold bought the ring and used it on Mr.Krupp so that he would do everything they say.They told him to give them the video tape and then they wanted to have fun so they turned Mr.Krupp into Captain Underpants.Then he ran away to fight crime.George and Harold found him but then there was an explosion behind them.Then Captain Underpantses cape got stuck on the van with the stolen crystal so George and Harold jumped on there skateboards and chased them. The van stoped and Captain Underpants went through the door of an abandoned wearhouse and a strange little voice said it looks like we have a visitor.When the coast was clear,George and Harold looked through the broken door and saw a small man in a diaper laughing as Captain Underpants was tied up and gaurded by two robots. George and Harold went into the abandoned wearhouse and got two pieces of wood and beat up the two robots and then untied Captain Underpants.Then they pressed the self destruct button and blew up the machine and then they caught Dr.Daiper and brought him to the police and got him put in jail.Then George and Harold got Captain Underpants back to the school and used the 3d hypno ring but it didnt work so they poured water on him and he turned back into Mr.Krupp. By:Noah Elliott
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