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Model Performance Indicators

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Lauren Dockery

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Model Performance Indicators

Model Performance Indicators
Language Function Examples
Example Topics
Types of Support
"We believe that support
is important for all learners
to gain access to meaning
through multiple modalities,
but it is absolutely essential
for ELLs."
-WIDA Resource Guide 2007
Model Performance Indicators
MPIs are matrices that describe a specific level of English
langugage proficiency for a language domain. They include three essential elements: language function, example topic, and support.

Meant to be example models for teachers of different kinds of language targets. They are used to determine what students are engaged in during instruction and assessment. They are not fixed guidelines!

Adaptable for teachers to create their own language targets in relation to their personal classroom and students.

Language Function
Langauge functions are how English language learners process or use language to communicate in a variety of situations. They describe how students communicate a message and ARE NOT to be equated with cognitive complexity involved in communication.

Identical language functions can operate across levels of English language proficiency within a grade level cluster, what differentiates the levels of proficiency is the amount and complexity of discourse and/or vocabulary usage at each level, i.e. produce words" vs "produce phrases or short sentences"

Example Topics
Example topics focus on the integration of both content and language into a lesson. They are comprised of the content (subject matter topics) and language (social and instructional language) that ELLs need in order to succeed in the classroom. Example Topics create a backdrop within the English Language Proficiency Standards for ELLs to strengthen their language development.
Supports are instructional strategies or tools used to provide a necessary avenue for ELLs to access meaning. Supports are built into MPIs so that even ELLs at beginning levels of English Language Proficiency can demonstrate their understanding of the language associated with content area material by engaging in higher levels of thinking.

MPI Example
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