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Future Home Technology

TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE:-Homes of the future-Future shopping

Nicole Yip

on 9 March 2010

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Transcript of Future Home Technology

TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE a sneak peak into...
FUTURE SHOPPING HOMES OF THE FUTURE If some of you like to shop, but find
trying clothes on a NUISANCE, then you're in luck.
CISCO is designing a new interactive 'changeroom'
where you don't actually have to go into a real changeroom.
With a flick of your finger, you can try on ALL the clothes you like. (watch video below) •Smart home technology will be introduced

•Will allow for all technology to communicate with each other

•A refrigerator suggesting a meal based on the particular food inside it, then communicating with the microwave to prepare cooking power and time for that dish

•Smart home technology is used to make all electronic devices around a house “smart” or automated

•Smart home technology is in its early stages for the time being, but it will soon make a huge impact on everyone’s lives

•Connecting the internet to more of the technology

•Example: Connecting the Internet with Air Conditioner which self-adjusting settings. Users could connect to the air conditioner with any Internet capable device such as a PC, PDA, or even a cell phone.
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