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UCC and Elmwood Student Collaboration from a Distance

A proposal for two collaborative projects between UCC and Elmwood.

Matt Perreault

on 30 September 2010

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Transcript of UCC and Elmwood Student Collaboration from a Distance

Spring 2010
Grade 4 Fall 2010
Grade 5 Collaborating at a Distance + Project 1 - Getting to Know You Project 2 - The Levels of Government ... The end product
two separate documentaries. One documentary about UCC
created by the Elmwood girls. One documentary about Elmwood created by the UCC boys. Goal To allow students to understand the concept of collaborating over a distance.

To familiarize students with the technology they can use to collaborate.
Steps Have the UCC boys meet the Elmwood girls via telepresence.
Learn about each other and the technology. 1 2 Use WebX to collaborate and create a storyboard that can be used for the UCC and the Elmwood Film. Using PPT
or Prezi.com 3 Conduct interviews over WebX to get information for film. 4 Boys determine what shots they want of Elmwood. Ask girls to go out with Flip cameras and film. 5 Girls determine what shots they want of UCC. Ask boys to go out with Flip cameras and film. 6 Videos uploaded to animoto.com an online video editor. Each school completes video
about the other. 7 Voice overs are created for each film. Girls describe UCC. Boys describe Elmwood with sound bites from interviews. The end product
one documentary. Goal To create a useful documentary about the various levels of government. Examine three levels of government.
Municipal Take advantage of location.
UCC Provincial Government Toronto Elmwood Ottawa Federal Government Conduct interviews with MPs and MPPs Use flip cameras to film. Collaborate on project details over WebX Create film with animoto.com
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