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Mga Yaman ng pilipinas sa luzon

No description

antonette reyes

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Mga Yaman ng pilipinas sa luzon

Yaman Ng Bansang Pilipinas
Luzon Ang Pilinas ay may maraming likas na yaman. Sa gitnang luzon ay may mga perlas at mga isda na nilalaman sa ilalim ng karagatan.

Sa Ilocos region (Rehiyon 1) ay may
1. Agriculture - rice, corn, garlic, legumes, root crops, tobacco, and other fruits and vegetables
2. Fishery - tilapia and assorted fishes
3. Livestock - swine and cattle
4. Cottage industries - loom weaving, furniture, ceramics, iron works
5. Manufacturing and food processing - salt, empanada, bagoong, patis, basi (native Ilocano wine), vinegar, longganisa, chicharon, bagnet, chichacorn (cornick), jewelry, garments, cereal processing, packaging, mechanized processing equipment
6. Wind Power Ilocos Norte's position on the northwest corner of Luzon makes it ideal for wind power generation. There is currently a 25 Megawatt wind farm in Ilocos Norte, and several more wind energy projects are being planned

Sa Cagayan Valley (Rehiyon 11) ang kanilang yaman ay ang Bigas dahil sila ang tinaguriang rice bowl of the philippines. Sa Central luzon (CAR)
ang kanilang yaman ay ang kapatagan (yamang lupa). Higit pa ang malago na kagubatan ng bundok ng Sierra Madre ay namamalagi ang isang maningning na lupa kaya unbelievably rich at hindi nagalaw - ". Santuwaryo ng Kalikasan ng kakisigan" Aurora, kung hindi, na kilala bilang.
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