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Sources of Information oof Modern Indian History

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Dan Crusoe

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Sources of Information oof Modern Indian History

Primary Resources
Primary sources of information are those that are original, or created at the time of the event by people who witnessed the event. Artefacts from archeological sites, coins, monuments, inscriptions, travelogues and autobiographies are all primary sources of information. For modern history of India, primary sources of information include government reports, letters, photographs, maps, diaries, newspapers and films.
Secondary Sources
Secondary are sources of info are secondhand accounts of events. They are usually collected and put together by the people who study the Primary sources. Secondary sources include textbooks, biographies, magazines, newspapers and movies about Historical Events.
Government Documents
British officials were very particular about keeping proper records of all officials transitions. Government orders, acts and other important decisions of the government had to be meticulously recorded. Hence, historians have a rich found of official british documents, official letters and correspondence, survey maps, district gazettes and census records to refer to.
Books, Newspapers
and Magazines
The Printing press, which was invented in Germany in the 15th Century, came to common use in India in the 18th century. This resulted in the mass printing of Books, Newspapers
and Magazines, Which are important sources of historians today. Books were printed in English and in various Regional Languages.Many Biographies of Great People were written, which give us authentic info about the People and the times in which they lived.
Thank you!
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Sources of Information of Modern Indian History
by- Pranav & Anand
Historical Buildings
The british built several buildings during their 200 year rule in India, Some of it are still fairly well preserved.
Some are, in fact, still in use. They represent a style very different from that preferred by the Medieval rulers of India.Some of them were built to mark important events of the time-for example, The imposing Gateway to India was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay in 1911.
be able to understand the sources of Modern Indian History.
be able to distinguish between Primary and Secondary resources
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