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Peer Pressure

No description

Maude Bérubé

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Peer Pressure

PEER PRESSURE Clearasil Pizza Face Jerry O'Connel Pepsi Commercial with Chinese Monks Miller Lite ''Man Up'' The Black Eyed Peas Experience - Live Action Trailer -The little boy had to be like the other members of the community

- The master of Chinese monks represent peer pressure

-The logo of the Pepsi cover is a significant symbol on this advertisong

- You can't became strong or someone better just with a Pepsi

- "Ask for more"

- Peer pressure with Stradlater in The catcher in the rye -

-Friendship is based on beauty. not on affinities we have with people. -You should use Clearasil if you want to have real friends. -Hypocrisy from the teenagers in the restaurant They talk directly about the produt 8 seconds on 32!! - They are doing the party with a Wii and a XBOX 360.
- How they are doing and preparing the party ? - This product have a link with the peer pressure.
- What are they focusing in the advertisement ? - You need this product to start the party.
- The helicopter, really ? - In the Catcher In The Rye, Holden dance with a girl.
- What's the link between the advertisement and the book ? Description : Explain : Phoniness : The Catcher In The Rye : In the book: the football game They go to the game to fit in, just as Harrold used Clearasil to be a part of this group. Peer pressure ; sells an image to look
«normal» or «better». Don't act like a woman
if you want to have a
Miller Lite light beer. So if we listen to the
advertisement, people that
drink Miller Lite light beer
are real men. Miller Lite light is the only
light beer that tastes good.
(What they are trying to show
in the advertisement.)
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