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CNC Technics Pvt Ltd


rahul bandaru

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of CNC Technics Pvt Ltd

CNC Technics Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers of CNC Filament winding Machines
Multi Axis CNC Filament Winding Machines
Company Profile
Total strength of about 100 personnel.
Built up space of approx. 35,000 sq.feet.
Dedicated Design center.
Materials Department.
Marketing Department.
Service & Training department.
Fabrication Department
Electronics Assembly & Testing Department.
Machine shop for parts manufacturing.
Our winders are fully designed fabricated & assembled at our works.
All controls, drives, motors, cables connectors, power supply unit etc are from Siemens, Germany.
IP65 rated, Insulated Panel from RITTAL.
Cable chains from West Germany.
Hardened & ground rack from West Germany.
Helical/Planetary gearbox from Italy, Germany.
Bearings & Plummer blocks from renowned manufacturers.
Fabricated bed stress relieved & machined.
Control panel air conditioned with special panel mounted heat exchanger type AC to prevent any dust entering panel.
All welds done by MIG welding.
Powder coated sheet metal and rest of the machine coated with polyurethane paint.
Machine Profile
2 Axes winder - for pipes.
3 Axes winder - for tapered pipes & normal pipes.
4 Axes winder - for vessels with end domes, tapered pipes
5 Axes and higher for Axis symmetric Parts
Type of Machines
Parts Manufacturing
Most of the parts of our machines are fabricated in-house at our workshop that contains various CNC Lathes and Milling Machines
CNC Technics has five manufacturing facilites in two cities
Fabrication Department
All machines are designed and fabricated in house.
CNC Technics manufactured over
machines and has clientele in
countries including USA, Canada, UK, Luxembourg, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Dubai, India, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.
“STAR PERFORMER” For machine tool export awarded by EEPC.
(Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.)

Standard of workmanship &service are excellent
(AC Whalan, Australia.)

Highly satisfactory for our critical application.
(Oblum Electricals, Hyderabad).

Excellent value for money-most Satisfied with our purchase
(Deva Composites Ltd., United Kingdom).

Very Flexible operation and extremely reliable.
(Kineco, Goa).

“A crowing glory for Indian Technology”
“ A world class machine”
(Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India)
Some Comments from our Customers
About CNC Technics
Founded 25 years ago by a first generation technocrat, Vijay Krishna.

Wholly owned family business with four participating members.
Fully Automated tensioning system
Very high Accuracy
Adjustable Tolerance
High speed WITH High Accuracy
Fully integrated into Control system
Fiber Breakage Detection and stopping
Fully Automated Filling and Pressurizing
PLC Controlled System
Readings can be printed
Measurements can be output to PC
Type 4 Pressure vessels

Low pressure vessels water treatment vessels

FRP Lighting and Distribution Poles

Solar Tank pressure vessels
FRP Poles
CNC Technics has been able to design, test and manufacture FRP lighting poles.

Designed and tested as per ANSI standards

Plans to manufacture for export market.

Plans to manufacture modular electrical distribution poles.

All testing done in house.

Lengths from 3m to 12m.

Burial and Flange type

Multiple finishes

Solar tank
Developed tank for Indian market.
Currently under testing at customer site.
R&D - Strong capability
Fabrication - Rapid development
Design - In house as well as associated.
Manufacturing Facilities
Product Details

Technical Requirements:
Operating temperature = 70 deg C
Maximum temperature = 100 deg C
Operating pressure = 5 bar
Maximum pressure = 10 bar
Bursting pressure = 40 bar
Thermal storage stability requirements <5oC drop in 16 hours with 75oC storage at 23oC ambient
Water TDS = 2000 ppm. Chloride and Fluorides would be 1000 ppm.
Life Expectancy = 20 years (Maintenance free)

X-strand Type 4 vessel
Air Cylinder
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