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EDU 305 Field Project: "The Wompanoag Way"

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Haley Goodrich

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of EDU 305 Field Project: "The Wompanoag Way"

"The Wampanoag Way"
The Successes
Student engagement

Student creativity

Transitions between activities
SmartBoard Collaboration

KWL Chart issues

Peer helpers

Camera use
Learning Objectives
Students met all of the learning objectives:

• Students will identify the Native American Tribes located in New England

• Students will learn the dress and diet of the Wampanog Tribe
• Students will learn how the Wampanog Tribe lived off the land

• Students will identify the differences between modern day natives and natives in the past

EDU 305 Field Project: "The Wompanoag Way"
Experience and Feedback
"... I think I had, even more, fun than the kids had during the lesson"

Confidence gained

The host teacher was very happy with the lesson
" I made this Wampum belt to represent the Hope that Native Americans had for their lives. They liked to see the good in everyone, even the pilgrims. They traded these belts with them near here."
"I made a Wampum Belt. It was really cool. They are made out of shells. We don't wear these now. I wanted to make Batman."
Pinterest Resources
Alice M. Waddington School
3rd Grade
Mrs. DeCosta
21 students
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