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No description

paige pennello

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of paigepennellop.4

The Neuron and the Brain

Dendrite: Recieves messages from axons

Nucleus: where the DNA is located

(One Excitatory, One Inhibitory)

Axon: sends messages to the dendrites

Neural Impulse: action potiental

Myelin Sheath: insulates the axon. Makes the travel faster

Synapse with Muscle: the axon branch is making a synapse with muscle fiber

Muscle: muscle fiber

Cell Body:The control center for the neuron Organals are located

Neuron Structure, Scale, Function
Conduction of Impulse
All or nothing: a neuron that sends a signal or it doesn't

Refractory Period: a time period during which the neuron can not fire again, Has to recharge membranes before sending them out again

One Direction: the direction the neuron travels. Top to bottom. From the dendrite end to the axon

Impulse: Excitatory vs. Inhibitory: Excitatory makes the neurons fire more often. Inhibitory slows or stops them

Opposing Tendencies: Two factors that opperate opoition to each other

Speed of impulse:

Demo: Hand to Shoulder, Both Hands


Perkinje Nerve Cell
in Cortex of the Brain

Fight or Flight Response
Relaxation Response
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