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Presentation for the Current Issue MUN

Natsuki Ota

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan 1-1-2 Takahide Iwai
1-1-4 Natsuki Ota
1-1-13 Mutsumi Furukawa
1-1-14 Takako Miyoshi Sky Sun Eagle Republic of Kazakhstan Arid region GDP(purchasing power equally) 56th place GDP(percapita) 94th place natural resources petroleum

Import product Machinery, equipmentand metal product Partners of import Russia 34%
China 25% Import $25.15 billion (2009) 60th Place Agriculture-products grain, cotton; live stock Economy $41.64 billion (2009) 50th Place Export Products oil and oil product 59%
ferrous metal 19% etc. Partners China 13.4%
Russia 11.1% Export population 62nd place growing!!! language kazakh 64.4%
Russian 95% Life expectancy 67.78 years religion Muslim 47%
Russan Othodox 44%
protestant 2% Problems Continential Climate
cold in winter, hot in summer People Climate Central Asia 9th Largest Country Tenge Currency Currency Nursultan Nazarbayev March 2, 1992 Joined the UN Allies Central Asia- Uzbekistan, Armenia, etc. Asia- Japan, India, etc. Europe- Belarus, Latvia, etc. Rest- United State, Canada, etc. Strongest Russia http://nearabroad.wordpress.com/
grow-as-a-geopolitical-priority/ http://www.ezmapfinder.com/
it/map-70280.html http://www.embkazjp.org/
kazakhstan-japan_jp.htm http://aboutkazakhstan.com/Kazakhstan_Goverment_President.shtml http://www.kazakh.tv/
kazakhstan-currency-money/ http://nihongo.istockphoto.com/
together-against-white-background.php?id=6947555&SearchLang=JA http://nihongo.istockphoto.com/
glass-of-water-with-clipping-path.php http://www.pbase.com/
timboinkaz/image/73724328 total: 128100 crimes
83 crime per 10000 people population: 15500000
crime rate: 1.01%
most crime: theft
murder rate: 13.67 crime per 100000 people
murder arrest rate: 72.2% 2007 2001 population: 15500000
crime rate: 1.01%
most crime: theft
murder rate: 13.67 crimes per 100000 people
muder arrest rate: 72.2% Crime Rate The source of river→Ili River= international river
→The issue of supply of water adjustment with a country of up stream

Internal→ The issue of supply of water adjustment with a Generate
electricity by hydraulic power

Water understock to the farm at down stream Human Rights Nothing particular Goverment trying to Goverment dislike Russian, and are trying to infiltrate Kazakh

Russian movie might not be showed in the future Conflict and Dispute Other Young people > Old people oil, gas, coal and uranium etc. Energy Sources Financial Assistance NO/ no data Refugee

Russia- 3700 people
Afghanistan- 508 people (2007) Border Problem

Not decided with Russia (2007)
Not decided with Turkmenistan over the border of the Caspian Sea
Border under the sea of the Caspian is decided with Azerbaydzhan and Russia, but not decided how to divide the sea Drug The most serious drug problem

Indian hemp sold at CIS market

Serious as opium's raw material poppy and ephedra Goverment is trying to exterminate illegal plants.

They are circulated at Southwest Asia where the border is unclear

Sended to Russia and Europe consumers. Median Age total: 29.6
male: 28.1
female: 31.3 Birth Rate 16.6 birth/ 1000 people

127 th Place Death Rate 9.39 deaths/ 1000 people

73th Place Literacy total population: 99.5% NO/ No Data Water Problem END
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