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Peer to Peer Online Network

No description

Sinead Tuohy

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Peer to Peer Online Network

Peer to Peer Online Network

Survey Findings
Good general communication tool
Good tool but the challenge is to get teachers to use it
Plug and play
Good for sharing ideas
Good in place of email- no need for endless 'reply all'
Easy to target the desired audience
Keeps the project agenda on the table
Promotes collegialty
Reduces isolation
User-friendly interface similar to Facebook
Easy to conduct quick polls
Email alerts are handy
Good for sharing files
Too many platforms
Should be integrated with other social media
Need notifications
Would be helpful to have an 'app' for smartphones
File management is difficult
Hard to know which forum to use
Not a well known platform
Difficult when a user is not confident in the platform
Smartphone App
The relevant app for your smartphone is available in :
The App Store for Apple Products
Google Play Store for Android and Windows
It is FREE to download

Turning On Email Notifications
In-Project Suggestions
All posts moving forward in the EUFolio Partner Group
Sinéad and Julie Ann have developed a bank of project-related resources which will be posted regularly in the EUFolio Partner Group
Can each partner take responsibility for starting a project-relevant discussion on a fortnightly basis?
Can we agree to have a 'yammering session' at a set day and time each week where we have a pedagogical project related discussion?
Addressing Issues
1. Sign in to your Yammer account. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the ellipsis (…), and then click Edit Profile.
2. In the column on the left side, click Notifications.
3. In the Send me a digest of message activity drop-down list, select Never, Daily, or Weekly.
4. Under the Email me when... section header, clear the check box next to each update type that you don't want to be notified about.
5. Under the There is new activity in the following Groups section header, select the check box next to each group that you want to r
6. Click Save at the bottom
Desktop Notifications

This will notify you regarding activities even when you don't have Yammer open

Teacher Online Community of Practice
Discussion: How can we encourage our teachers to interact more online?
What Would Help Your Yammer Interactions?
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