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The Hot Zone

No description

Lila Davidson

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of The Hot Zone

Breaking News
The Hot Zone
Sudan + Zaire
In 1976, the virus Ebola was first discovered when it struck Sudan. Ebola Sudan has a 53% fatality rate, which means that more than half of the victims died. Later that year, Ebola stuck Zaire with a different form. These different forms of the virus are called "strains". Ebola Zaire has the highest fatality rate of all other strains, with 88%.
The Monkey House
In 1989, monkeys from the Philippines were imported to the Reston Monkey House in Reston, Virginia. The monkeys were soon diagnosed with Ebola. But this was a new strain. Fortunately, it was discovered that this strain (Ebola Reston) had no effect on humans.
The Symptoms
So why exactly is Ebola so bad? Because it sneaks up on you. The first symptoms are very similar to those of the flu, so that's what the virus is first thought to be.
But wait, there's more...
After these mild symptoms come the ones that make Ebola so horrifying: black bulbs cover your arms, and you bleed from every single opening in your body. Your organs fail, and some patients go into a coma.
Ebola Today

On September 30, 2014, a man from Liberia traveled to Dallas, Texas while unknowingly being infected with the Ebola virus. He did not show symptoms until four days later. This man became the first person in the United States to die of Ebola. It was recently discovered that his nurse had contracted the Ebola virus from him. On October 23, a man from Guinea who had traveled to New York was diagnosed with Ebola as well.
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