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Company in Aciton

No description

Lauris Kiukucans

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Company in Aciton

company in action
More customers,
more destionations
Flights to America Thank you!
questions? Company history 1995 vs 1985

company activieties First & Biggest
First & Biggest vs
Target market Everybody
Everyone Marketing Visible
Known Future Plans Personel 1500
7000 people in charge Michael O'Leary Bertold Flick Corporation Business people
Wealthy citizens
Wealthy Tourists Everybody Students
Everyone Presentation by Lauris Kiukucāns UV1V1 Air Baltic established
with the signing
of a joint venture between
SAS and the Latvian state.
First flight from Riga to Stocholm on October 1st. 1995 Ryanair was founded
by Christy Ryan and other
Ryan family members
with a share capital of just £1.
First flight was in July from
Waterford to London
1985 airBaltic Corporation includes:
airBaltic hotels (Islande Hotel)
airBaltic Travel
airBaltic Taxi etc Ryanair works
with many smaller
cheaper hotels,
car rentals and
other tourist
orientated businesses prices 1€
359€ Ad campaigns
Internet (e-ticket)
Brain Storm 31 (+8)
232 (+80) fleet Everyone know us!!! Employees Airplanes
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