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Mevlude Becoja

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Inequalities

Media Inequalities
Becoja, Mevlude
Mental Illnesses, Shootings, and Race Inequalities
Over the past couple of years, there have been many occurrences of major shootings that have made worldwide news. Whether it be shootings in schools, in theaters, or at marathons some of these cases have been justified due to the fact that the suspect had a sign of mental illness. However, the aspect of whether or not the results of the case is equal due to the fact that more often Caucasian suspects are more prone to “getting off the hook” because of a mental illnesses where as if a African American or a person with a Muslim background had done it, it would be considered a threat as well as an act of terrorism. The key to understanding the inequalities is the understanding of how the media presents the breaking news.
When Someone Kills Someone, it is Murder Regardless their Race and any Mental Illness they may have
When Someone Kills Someone, it is Justified because of any Mental Illness that they have.
When someone kills someone, it is murder regardless of their race and any mental illness they have

When someone kills someone, it is justified because of any mental illness that they have.
Most people may state the fact that a murder is a murder. Whether it is a cop murdering a suspect or a mental ill person shooting a plethora of people before turning the gun on them, murder is murder. There is no justification to this because someone is unable to have the mental capacity to know that what he or she is doing is in fact wrong. However, this case seems to only be true when the suspect is not a Caucasian man and is African American or with a Muslim background.
There are many examples of how the media treats a Caucasian suspect with respect and disrespects a non-Caucasian victim. The way that media portrays any type of shooting that occurs in America, represents how strongly the public feels about it.
Karl Hendry brings a good up the point about how it is not reasonable to look at attitudes and actions of previous generations because we of the fact that we have all progressed into a moral and just society. With the advancement of technology over the past couple of decades, it is easier to keep records of what really happened at a crime scene and whether the victim or the suspect is to blame. This goes to show that facts need to be presented before any testimonial statement is provided by any news media.
Most people often state that they can forgive someone who has a mental illness for shooting someone they love because they had no idea that what they were doing was wrong. There is justification because of the fact that this individual that has killed many people and have taken the loved ones of everyone else had no type of help in order to prevent this situation. Had someone not “ticked” them off, then ideally – this situation would not have occurred, but because more often than not, people look down upon those who do have a mental illness, there is only a certain amount of time before the person is incapable of maintaining their anger and suddenly burst with anger – shooting and killing many. However, this case seems to only be true when the suspect is a Caucasian man as opposed to being an African American or with a Muslim background.
Most often than not, we see articles of Caucasian men being refrained from the death penalty because of the idea they had no idea of what they were doing and was pushed to their limits and was unable to be helped because no one knew how bad the chronic illnesses has become.
It is different when it comes to news articles due to the fact that the victims face and name is plastered all over the web, yet omits the actual person who did the killing if they feel as if it isn't necessary or relevant to the story. Just as an innocent African American being lynched, the media was able to accumulate a mug shot of the innocent man from 20 years ago and presented that he "may have deserved it"
Caucasians are more likely than not to get away with murder because of mental illness that they have. Because of the type of society that we live in, it is easier to blame a suspect who is African American and call it a murder or blame a suspect with a Muslim background and call it a threat to America – making Americans despise African Americans and Muslims even more. The common ground that needs to be aware is that everyone should be equal. There should not be any stereotype that enables people to see or here the suspect until after the verdict has chosen the type of sentence that the suspect will have. It is important to be aware that anyone is able to commit a crime - in fact, it takes a special kind of evil, an evil that most of us may not be aware of -in order to do an act of terrorism, an act of murder, or even an act of using any type of mental illnesses as an excuse to attempt any type of damage to another person.
article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/21/us/officials-urge-patience-as-hanging-of-black-man-is-investigated-in-mississippi.html
There needs to be the realization that when someone commits a crime, we should not be able to plaster their photo, (nor the victims photo) all over the news (with some exceptions), and judge a crime solely based on what the crime was, rather than focus on the type of person the suspect is. It is better to treat everyone equally in order to be fair to everyone and not allow any history affect any type of feelings for the victim and suspect.
Ideally, we would all love to live in a world that entitles equality in every aspect of life. However, justification in trails should be considered only on the crime instead of a person’s authority, race, class, and ethnicity. There will always be racism and inequalities in the courts and outside of the court room and there needs to be justification that once someone who steps out into the world has no sense of fear that today might be their last day alive. It is better to know the fact that one is entitled to the knowledge that they will not be murdered today for walking with a hooded jacket or even wearing a religious garment. It starts will knowing what the problem actually is. By beginning with the problem, which is completely oblivious with the society that we live in today, it will most definitely be more of a help to understand how to prevent racism against all those who are not Caucasian. It is the idea of allowing everyone to have their freedom of speech, freedom of education, and freedom of being who they are without feeling judged (to a certain extent; making sure that their actions are not harmful to any one else). Even though our generations and the generations to come are more understanding and more loving than the older generations (no offense to those reading), there will always be that spot of racism that will occur. The sooner we all start to love each other equally, will be the day that we all learn to live at peace.
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