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James b. block 1 seveth grade

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of James b. block 1 seveth grade

Click anywhere & add an idea my answer to the what do you think question on 258 is no it's not because you could say you know something and you don't someone who does know it could ask you about it and you look dumb elective- a nonrequired course propelled-to be moved or to be pushed forword conviction- certainty about something lingered- stayed on foucused sheepishly-wear,different,embarrassment my character map of victor his one elective was French, Victor already spoke spanish and English, Victor id bad at math, Victor was some kind of Mexican, he likes Teresa my answer for question 7 on page 267 is I think it is a snapshot of seventh grade because a lot of stuff happen's on the first day of seventh grade. character:Victor,Michael,Teresa,Mr.buell
Mr.lucas what they wan't: Victor
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