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Assistive/Instructional Technology Project

Physical Computing @NYU-ISOF, a National Science Foundation Grant.

Ernesto Tabajonda

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Assistive/Instructional Technology Project

INSTITUTE FOR SCHOOLS OF THE FUTURE National Science Foundation Grant Physical Computing Program
for Students and Teachers The PARTICIPANT has agreed to develop an interactive multimedia project, and a Physical Computing project (in a group or as an individual), develop lesson plans and to instruct with said lesson plans during the two week summer session field testing their project with 3 of his/her students, and use said project with students during the Fall Implementation phase in classroom settings during the fall semester of 2008. EXPECTED OF THE PARTICIPANT Attend weekly classes at the NYU School of Medicine every Wednesday from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. Attend the 2-week student workshop with three students at the NYU School of Medicine, which will run after school for three afternoons each week. Work on class work and homework, as well as develop projects required for class. Develop and implement lesson plans during the 2-week student workshop session with his/her students. Implement the PxComp project with PARTICIPANT’s students in PARTICIPANT’s school during the Fall Implementation. If PARTICIPANT provides his/her own laptop that meets the specifications outlined below, the stipend of $2000 (with an additional $500 with NSF’s final approval of the requested supplement) will be divided in three equal parts to be received as follows: (1) at the end of the spring course, (2) the end of the student summer workshop session and (3) at the end of Fall Implementation. Brief Description of the Project!!! The "Navigating The Coordinate Plane" project is a combination of three interactive activities which allow students to explore the concept of plotting points on the Cartesian plane, graphing linear function using slope and y-intercept, and graphing linear function using slope and a given point. The students will develop the skill of point plotting, graphing lines, and matching equations with graphs using the concept of slopes and intercepts.
All the three activities are fully interactive with computer generated problems with graphics and animations using flash and input device panel with arduino board program and firmware.
This project will help students to better understand the concept of equation of a line through technology. It will also enliven curiosity by exposing students with crude form of prototype technology that connect information technology with physical device. Link to ISOF : http://www.isof.org/pxcomp/default.aspx
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