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ellen ochoa

No description

Agassi Student

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of ellen ochoa

Akinleye,Core 1,Ellen Ochoa
Thank you!

Hello my name is Ellen Ochoa and I was born on May 10,1958 in Los Angela,California.I Attended Grossmost High School in La Mesa and then stuided physics at San Diego State University.I completed my bachelor's degree in 1981 and graduated all my classes.Then I moved to the department of engineering at Stanford University.
During my graduate studies that I began considering a career as an astronaut.As a specilist in optics and optical recognition in robotics.I'm noted both for my distinguished work in inventions and patents and for my role in American space exploration.In the late 1980s I began working with NASA as optical specilist.I was selected for NASA flight program.I made my first flight in the space shuttle Discovery in April,1993,and became the first Hispanic women astronaut,and was a member of the 1999 flight that docked for the first time with the International Space Station.
On July,1991 became a astronaut.I received a number of awards from NASA and the NASA Space Flight Medal in 1993.In 1994 ,I received the Women in Science and Engineering(WISE).I was the 1990 recipient of the National Hispanc Quincentennial Commission Pride Award.In 1993 I won the Congressionnal Hispnic Caucus Medallion of Excellence Role Model Award.

SOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got married to Coe Fulmer Miles ,a computer research engineer.We have two children.Outside of my space research,I played music and sports as hobbies.I also a private pilot's license in training for space missions.I am now 57 years old now.
-Ellen Ochoa
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