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4.1.4 Dose Response

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yaya taylor

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of 4.1.4 Dose Response

How can I determine if a particular chemical at different doses is harmful or beneficial to a living organism?
Materials include, liquid detergent,Safety glasses,Gloves,50mL of a test chemical,Permanent marker,Masking tape, Beakers, Graduated cylinders, pipets, Distilled water,Resealable plastic sandwich bags, Paper napkins and Radish seeds

The purpose was for me to act as an effective toxicologist by exploring the effect a chemical has on an organism, the radish plant.varying doses of a chemical can have different effects on an individual. Toxicologists study data from populations that have been exposed to specific toxins to determine the overall effect on the body. exploring the effect a chemical has on,the radish plant. Dose is the amount of exposure to an agent, a measure of how much of the particular chemical is taken into the body. Response is the body’s reaction to this dose.
4.1.4 Dose Response
As the dose increase , the risk of the chemical being harmfull increases
1. Prepare 20mL of a control sample as well as 5 other samples at the following percent concentrations of the chemical – 6.25%, 12.5%, 25%, 50%, and 100%.
2. Use radish seeds as your model organism
3. Grow your plants on napkins or paper towels placed in sandwich bags. Make sure to choose a set number of seeds and allow sufficient space between each plant
My hypothesis was correct
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