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Forensic Psychologist

No description

Taylor Pettenon

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Forensic Psychologist

Education Requirements
Forensic psychologists need a doctoral degree in psychology, usually in clinical or counseling psychology. This degree usually takes 5-7 years of graduate study to complete.
*Depending on the location, and the type of the work, starting salaries for these professionals can often range anywhere from $45,000 to $83,000 annually.
Benefits Of This Profession
Forensic Psychologist
By: Taylor Pettenon

Job Details
The term Forensic Psychology refers to the practice of psychology in association with the law and the civil or criminal justice system. Forensic psychologists are most of the time involved in custody disputes, insurance claims and lawsuits. Areas of focus include: *Child profiling services.
*Child custody evaluations.
-Investigating reports of child abuse
*Expert witness / courtroom testimony regarding psychological questions before the court.
-Evaluating suspected criminals for mental competency and their ability to stand trial.
-Evaluating convicted criminals to aid in creating plans for rehabilitation

The work these professionals do is very important to the criminal justice system. They can help explain why crimes were committed. Also, there are jobs in law enforcement .Police often work closely with psychologists both to apprehend criminals and to get advice when it comes to interrogating and understanding them. You can also find work in prisons, juvenile detention facilities, and rehab facilities.
Just A Few Downsides...
*This profession requires a substantial amount of time commitment (5-7 years of graduate study)
* This can cause stress and frustration
*Can be very difficult and demanding at times.
*The degree earned will also affect the size of a salary
*Forensic psychologists that find work with the state or federal governments can earn around the range of $78,000-$86,000
Where Can I Get A Job Dealing With Forensic Psychology?
-You get the opportunity to help people and aid in crime investigations
- There's many career paths (i.e. criminal courts, consulting, government, education)
- It can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding job.
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