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My Heritage

No description

gs students

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of My Heritage

My Heritage
By, Bre

Charles Bostock was the first to imigrate by ship from England in 1645. His original last name was change to Bostick. He spoke enlish, but not the way we would speak today. When he came to the Americas he was in his 20's. He settled down in Viginia. Charles married Mary(not sure of the last name).
One of my grandma's ancestors was William Bostick, and his parents were Charles Bostock (1st imigrant) and Mary Bostick. Aother ancestor is Frances Moore Bostock, and his parents were Absalom Bostick, and Elizabeth Mary Petty.
There is a cake recipes, choclate pie, and baked bean recipe.
Special Recipes
Some of my other ancestors came from Ireland, Schotland, and Germany. My grandma's dads Dad, Max Million came from Germany in about 1840, and was here for the Civil War. After the Civil War he setteled down in Kentucky.
What other parts of the world did ,y ancestors come from?
This is a picture of my great aunt Ann being held, Robert Johnston (her father), Fairy Bostier Jonston, his Uncle Earl and Aunt Ethel, nad John
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